The NOMA Gateway at 2 Patterson

Building the Future

The NOMA Gateway at 2 Patterson brings the community together through education, stewardship, housing and food security, creating a sense of pride and vested interest in the neighborhood. Anchored by World Central Kitchen and CentroNía child care, this mixed-use multifamily development provides affordable, quality early childhood education; workforce development; and family support services in a bilingual and multicultural environment.

About Our Team

Argos Group

Argos Group is an innovative developer of urban-infill and transit-oriented developments in both private and public-private partnerships, providing quality and value to clients and investors.

Jefferson Apartment Group

Jefferson Apartment Group is a full-service real estate and property management firm specializing in multifamily apartments and transit-oriented assets located in East Coast markets.

SCG Development

SCG Development is an integrated real estate development firm focused on creating quality, affordable homes for extraordinary communities.

Moya Design Partners

A commitment to excellence and diversity are at the heart of Moya Design Partners. MOYA is a boutique architecture, interiors, and visual design studio offering all-inclusive designs with 100% client focus.

World Central Kitchen

World Central Kitchen by celebrity chef José Andrés is a nonprofit that fights hunger around the world by training local workers and helping communities affected by natural disaster learn to recover their basics.

Centro Nía

CentroNía is an award-winning educational organization that provides affordable, quality early childhood education, training for educators, and family support services in a bilingual and multicultural environment.

Project Summary

Project Summary / Unit Mix

Team Experience


Jefferson Marketplace

for City of Washington, D.C.


The Residences at Government Center

for City of Fairfax, VA


Stevens Place

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moya design partners

Diane’s House

for City of Washington, D.C.

Project Vision

The NOMA Gateway at 2 Patterson is located at the intersection of North Capitol Street and New York Avenue as it meets N Street. This is a prominent location as you approach downtown D.C. from the north. It sets the stage for a memorable first impression and the sense of arrival that the NoMa neighborhood deserves.


The design of 2 Patterson proposes a layering system that articulates the façade and the massing of the building. Three layers have the flexibility to be carved as needed, either for functionality or design intent, creating visual interest in the architectural form. The façade’s apparent “floating box” projects to define an outdoor room at the roof deck. It seems to defy gravity, serving as a point of reference for pedestrians, a tower in the park, and a ‘hyphen’ in the skyline.


At street level the design breaks down scale to relate to the community, the avenue, and pedestrians. The same layering occurs, but this time each layer builds upon the previous one, adding more texture and depth. Here, the building engages every sense, addressing pedestrians in an empirical way. The layers generate identifiable expressions for different uses: lobby, retail, daycare, townhomes, and amenities.


These functional and engaging spaces work in conjunction with the articulation of the streetscape and its relationship with the building to confer a sense of permanence to the neighborhood. In addition, about 110 parking spaces will be provided above grade at the core of the building laminated with active uses at all frontages.


At ground level, adjacent to the building entrance, we propose to locate the headquarters of World Central Kitchen by celebrity chef José Andrés as well as child care by CentroNía. A pocket park at the middle of the block will serve as an outdoor space for the daycare and will be open to the community during evening and weekend hours.


To heal the division created by the width of New York Avenue, a second park is proposed at this intersection that invites and connects the community. The park will enhance overall quality of life and will work as the amalgam between community, landscape, architecture, and public leisure.

Sustainable Practices

Community Benefits & Programs

Community Partners

World Central Kitchen by Celebrity Chef José Andrés

Smart solutions to hunger and poverty

 “World Central Kitchen is changing the world through the eyes of a chef. As chefs, our work in the kitchen improves health, increases education rates, provides career skills, and creates food businesses.”

30 Total Staff | Community Training | Restaurant Incubator

Child Care by CentroNía

Strengthening families in a multicultural environment

“Our holistic approach ensures that the 2,400+ children and families we serve receive the support and encouragement they need to succeed academically, develop a strong sense of community, and live healthy and active lives.”


Site Visit Program for children from local elementary schools to learn about development, construction and architecture

NOMA Scholarship of $10,000.00 per year for 4 years. It will be given to merit students in the NOMA Community

Job Training / Entrepreneurs
50 to 60 Permanent Positions

Public Space and Public Safety

Street/Building Interaction


Activate Street Activity, Public
Lighting, and Pocket Park

Building Community Together

We’re committed to a transparent, collaborative design process.

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